Leg & back pain post-op 10 wk update

So the NS has written me off 'it's nothing I did, maybe you should try a pain management clinic.'

Though he did hint around the fact that while under the general anaesthesia the body is limp and maybe they mishandled me and damaged my back.

So I went back to the NL and I'm going back for another MRI.


Leg pain - back of the thighs, only when sitting. Started the day after surgery.

Back pain - tail bone, constant. Worse when sitting, or coughing, sneezing. Started about 4 weeks post-op, about the same time I got back on my feet and resumed normal activities.

Bladder strangeness - lack of sensation (no urge to go most of the time), difficulty starting stream (no incontinence thank goodness)

Tingling in the legs, patches of numbness that come and go.

MRI according to NS is clean, shows nothing. NL took one look and said that they didn't scan low enough - if the pain is in the tail bone, why did they stop scanning at the hips? And she's even written on the requisition to look for at the lower s-spine for sciatica, stenosis and degenerative disc disorder.

So the possibilities, as I see them are

1) They did mishandle me on the operating table and mess up my back. Somewhere along the way, flipping me from front to back and back to front while I was unconscious a disc got pinched and now I'm suffering the consequences.

2) Occult tethered cord is still on the table as far as I'm concerned. Until they find that swollen disc or pinched nerve...

I can't decide whether I prefer a sciatica diagnosis to OTC :/

could be worse.

Life goes on.

Clair, both of those possibilities sound logical to me. Nice to hear that your NL is trying to help you. Are you going to see a urologist for the OTC?


Hi Claire,

Hope you are ok!

My experience with lower back pain was from the first day or so after surgery until two or three weeks. I had a stiffness, relieved by very warm baths. My NS said there may have been some blood drain into the CSF during the operation. I think if this occurred, then it worked its way out & the pain & stiffness went away & the symptoms went away after about a fortnight.

So good you are getting help for your continued symptoms.

All the best,