Prescription medicine coupons!

I just want to share with everyone something my doctor told me about. There’s a website called it lets you find pharmacies in your area. You put in the name of the medicine and quantity and it bring up coupons for that medicine!!! I already saved a ton using this!! I’m not sure if you can use it along with insurance tho. I am uninsured and so happy my doctor told me about this. Well hope I helped! Hope everyone has a good pain free… Or as pain free as you can’t get day.

Hey Rosey!!

THANKS FOR THE INFO!!!! I have insurance..but is still worth a shot!!!

How are YOU doing???

I’m doing alright today, thank you for asking. I’m sure like everyone else on here I have good days and bad days but I’m surviving. :slight_smile: when my doctor told me about coupons for meds my first thought was I have to tell my fellow zipper heads about this!! Lol