Pregnant with Chiari?

I am curious if any ladies on here can relay any experiences related to being pregnant with CM. I am newly diagnosed and after seeing others symptoms, I would consider mine mild. But I am also afraid that my symptoms might become progressively worse, as they have over the last 5 years. I have a two year old, but would like more children. I'm thinking I should do this sooner rather than later, incase my symptoms become worse. Thoughts?

Hello Katrina,

I believe myself to have a fairly mild case of CM in comparison to other folks descriptions of symptoms on here as well. As every Chiari case is different, I just want to share my experience to say that maybe CM can be affected by pregnacies and/or deliveries. I was not diagnosed and didn't have any real obvious symptoms of Chiari until after I had children. I was 33 and 34 years old with my deliveries. Both were full term pregnacies without any health problems and both were vaginal deliveries. I was not diagnosed with CM until my youngest was 6 years old, but in retrospect I started having symptoms as early as when she was between 1 and 2 years old. Once diagnosed I could look back and see that I had sx prior to pregnacies and deliveries but they were very mild. I have degenerative discs in my C-spine and lumbar spine and lost an inch in height the years following my pregnancies. I don't know for certain if the two were/are related but I've been suspicous over the last few years. So, I think it is wise to be cautious and smart to plan an additional pregnacy sooner than later. I have a girlfriend that had 3 children in her early 20's with no problems or Chiari sx. She had a child when she was 4O and was diagnosed with CM after that. She has progressed rapidly over the last 10-12 years and has serious symptoms and problems, with multiple surgeries post her diagnosis.

When I was first diagnosed and was suspicious of a correlation between pregnacies and CM symptoms showing up I went on-line and checked into it. In my readings I do remember that is was common for OBGYN's to reccomend C-sections to women with Chiari. You might plan a visit with your OBGYN and see if he or she has experience with Chiari patients. Also inquire with your neurologist and see what advice you get regarding pregnancy and deliveries with Chiari.

I hope this helps and that you get more responses from other Chiari moms to give you more perspective. Take care!

Hi. I wasn't diagnosed when I was pregnant with my son. I was however experiencing some rather serious symptoms. Ear, sinus, virtigo, balance, dizziness, headaches, neck pain and stiffness. While I was pregnant the headaches got a little more frequent, keep in mind at this point they weren't out of control and could be managed by tylenol. And while I was pregnant is when I started losing the feeling and getting the tingling in my hands and feet. But other than that, it wasn't bad, baring other complications I had that were not CM related. And it was 2 years and 3 months after my son was born before the symptoms got to the point that I had to get something done and got diagnosed. Best of luck!