Pre surgery update

Ok i had an appointment with th nuerologist 2weeks ago he said that they usually start talking surgery when ur hurniation is 5mm and my question is 3.2 cm he said i definitely need decompression surgery asap im really scared can anybody give me an insight on what i can expect pre and post op ah yeah i have an appointment to discuss surgery date and another MRI and a chest x-ray!!!

I am scheduling an appointment for another MRI

Brandi, of course everybody has a different experience and every surgery has different pre and post op rules. The morning of I washed my hair with antibacterial soap then went in. Met anesthesiologist, got an IV, hooked up to the brain monitoring system, then off to sleep. They did the yuck stuff after I was out; foley, shave head, and arterial Iv. I was nauseated for the first few days but very little pain. I just slept for 5 days. In the hospital for 5 days then stayed in a hotel for a few more days before flying home. Recovery is slow and there were painful days/weeks. My advice is to relax into the whole process and go with the flow. You need to be prepared to rest for months- no house chores and very minimal activity. We will be sending prayers and positive thoughts your way.

Jenn :slight_smile: