Prayers for a Chiari Sister

I'm not sure if you have heard/read about Heather Andrews. It is all over facebook and twitter.
She is not doing too well. She and her family need our thoughts and prayers. I didn't know her but she could use all the prayers we can give her.

This was the last update I saw on her:


You may have to scroll a little as its one of the statuses.

They are changing their profile photos to purple candles as a vigil. If you're interested:

Thank you for letting us know....she will surely be in my prayer. Thank you,Alicia...please keep us updated.



Alicia...does she have a blog???

I'm not sure if she does. I saw the post about her through several chiari friends on facebook and then the posts got more serious about her going into a coma. I have never met her. I didn't see one on her facebook page.

Praying for her! Does anyone know if she had had the decompression surgery done?