My friend Ciara just found out she has POTS. We met through her family staying at my hotel. Her mom started reading my blog when I'd share it on the hotels facebook page. She had asked me about Chiari because Ciara was going through a lot of crazy stuff. A lot of misdiagnoses and a lot of non-diagnoses. They thought maybe she had Chiari. They looked at her MRI's and talked with me and doctors. They do not believe she has Chiari (Her MRIs don't appear to show Chiari) anyways....

We've become good friends since. She has a lot of similar symptoms and issues that I have. She went to John Hopkins recently and had a tilt test done. I thought I'd share this with you as I know a few of you have POTS and some are going for the testing too.

Ciara's Healing Journey she explains exactly how the test went for her and what they did while she was there.


Call me chicken but that tilt table test sounds like torture esp for claustrophobic people like me. I’d rip those belts off. Nope not me. I admire those who can but ill live on Chiari world and tell myself thats all o can do today. Just for today

I agree. I think Ithrow up or pass out from getting dizzy/lightheaded!