Poem I want to Share

Hi....I wanted to share this with you all.

My 15 yr old ,Victoria had to write a paper on something that effected her profoundly.

She opened her paper with this poem.


Waiting, waiting, and more waiting

Anticipating for the race to be over

The hands and running laps around the clock

So many laps,

endless numbers.

As my hands run I am the one who is sweating.

Sweating because of the lingering.

Sweating because of the laps.

Hoping and praying that the hands will stop running,

that the race will be over.



My face becomes wet,

this timee from my eyes

the tears pour out so fast,

uncontrollable and unstoppable.

Fear and worry have overwhelmed my body.

They control my tears

They control the running.

As the hands zoom around another lap,

The tears come faster and faster.

The race is about to start.

Everyone came to cheer on The Runner,

Family, friends and complete strangers.

The Runner trained long and hard.

She is as ready as she will ever be.

Her sneakers tied tightly,

her number pinned securely to her loose fitting top.

The flag was swung.

The had begun.



As her wore down sneakers hit the pavement.

Her breath steady and slow,

as the sweat rolls down her cheek.

Her eyes set on one thing,

crossing the finish line in first place.

Watching the race makes tears weep from my eyes.

I am tired.

Tired of crying and tired of running.

Then all of a sudden the hands came to a halt.

The waiting is finally over.

The Runner sprints across the finish line.

The crowd screaming in delight.

We witness what we have been waiting for,

What I have been crying for,

What the clock was running for.

I see her face but the tears still don't stop.

They turn into gleeful and grateful tears.

Gradified that The Runner is okay.

Grateful the race is over.

This is from the mind of a 15 yr old, looking back in time 3 yrs ago , when I had my decompression.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.



That is amazing Lori!!! Wow!!!

beautifully written!

Lori thank you for sharing this with us. I am glad you have your daughter for support :)

Awesome poem clever girl:)


Your daughter must be simply as beautiful as you are, Lori. This is amazing and very touching :)


Thanks s for all your nice replies..also thanks for taking the time to read..What follows this poem is Victorias' thoughts about me while I was in surgery and after...she also had to write both myself a letter and her dad sharing her feelings about this time in her life..It was heart left and so well written.

I chose not to post that..after all, these days to teachers expect you to write at last 5 pages on a simple report..so gang, not to worry,,,,no 8 pager coming from me!!LOL.......thanks for reading it...

Her paper is titled "The Amazing Race"..I know, guilty as charged.....I AM A BRAGGER ..about my girls!!!




Thank you for sharing:) That was beautifully written. Your daughter is very talented:)


That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


thank you all for reading!!

Yes, Sherry.you can share it on FB.....Thank you!

That was great! Thank you so much for sharing.

Lori this is beautiful! I read it and it’s exactly how I feel waiting for my daughter’s surgery, which will be Dec. 16th. Please tell your daughter that she did a wonderful job… so wonderful that it bring tears to my eyes!

lori said:

thank you all for reading!!

Hi Tonya and Christine...

It was my pleasure to post it...

love you all...


What a talents poet, you have Lori! Great work, VIctoria, it brought tears to my eyes thinking about my decompression surgery! God bless you both!

Wow what a talented daughter you have. She has a gift.

WOW, I love it. Your daughter is very strong and mature beyond her years. *HUGS*

Thank you for your kind words.

How are you?????????