Pins + needles/loss of feeling


sorry I know people have prob posted this qestion before!! I was wondering if any one has any hints/tips for relieving pins+needles/loss of feeling. I know we all get this from time to time..But this has been constant for the last 4 days. Loss of feeling with pins and needles on my left side ie my arm and my leg with it been visually obvious in my face...talking with the right side of my mouth. Leg + arm feel "heavy" to move. lots of fun :>

Any tips!!!



Just checking to see how you are.....did you call your doctor about these issues????

Have you had a full spine MRI??

Let us know whats going on.



Hi Lori…I have not yet had a full spine MRI but it looks like some thing I need. Just had a fresh brain MRI in Dec and back in hosp on the 1/3/12 for a review. My chiari has always been totally stable. It’s only the last 6 months or so that its started to really kick off. I am now only working a 4 day week and need to take things really handy. A lot of my symptoms can be down to a drug called dostinex. So I am a half dose for 3 months to see if that helps. It hasent. So waiting to see what the docs say. This web site has been so good as it has made me so aware of the diff symptoms. I will have them all written down for my appointment! :slight_smile: