Ever since i had the MRI done i feel like i have to use the restroom like every 2 minutes is this normal? I have been sick for over a week and my head hurts really bad from coughing my Dr told me try not to cough this whole thing is scaring me idk what to do because of how sever my symptoms got almost 5yrs ago i haven’t been able to work i have a 4yr old and i myself hardly ever leave my house cuz of the balance issues what can i do?

I would call the dr. That doesn't sound right at all. I am sorry you & your family is going through this.

I have the same question about the contrast…did they inject contrast through an IV? If they did you need to call your PCP and let them know right away.

The MRI that discovered the chiari malformation was done with out contrast they want me ti have one done with now because along with chiari they found a cyst in my sinuses and they is something is an abnormality my putitary gland and there is excess tissue around my adnoids this has been one hack of a month for me my Dr is currently trying to get me in to a NS at loma linda hospital and my Dr put me on antibiotics and gave me a cough medicine

Can’t really rest cuz im in the middle of packing cuz i gotta move outta my place this weekend

Everyone helps me out when they get home from work and school and my daughters god parents both work

Brandi I hope the antibiotics kick in soon. Good luck with all the stress and moving.


Im glad im finding friends that know how i feel and what im going thru and my family is being a big support to me also!

I feel for you too. I am becomming afraid to drive because of balance. And feeling like brain is shutting down. I have found that. I om ok for short periods if i stay still. But doesnt take long to get worse when moving around

I am 27yrs old never had a drivers license because i have had these symptoms since i was 14 i have a 4yr old daughter and my pains are getting so bad that i throw up im getting more and more scared