Northern California (Pediatric) - suggestions and/or recommendations?


My daughter is scheduled to see Dr. Goren from UC Davis in late January. I know he is not a Chiari specialist but I didn't have much info when we made the appointment. I have heard of a doctor Grant at Stanford and a Dr. C from Sutter. I am wondering if anyone has experience with either of those two doctors or perhaps another one.

My 13 yo had a brain and C-spine MRI after a TBI. I was told she had CTE. She has had three brain MRI's since 2013 so I want a doctor that can examine her, discuss symptoms (TBI or Chiari) and review and compare all the MRI's.


Hello Sydneys Mom, have you discovered our Doctors List in the section Chiari Info for Members? And you can also search previous discussions using the search box at the top right of the screen.

Yes, I did thank you. I am not able to see comments about the doctor but I did also find a old discussion from 2013 regarding some of the doctors I am considering. I replied to that but being that it is two years old I am not sure if the members are still active.

Is there a way to see comments on the doctors list or is it just names of those who have been recommended? Thanks!

No, it's just a list.

Here is something else you might like to link through to:

For U.S. pediatric neurosurgery: The American Board of Pediatric Neurological Surgery ABPNS (the list of board certified neurosurgeons guarantees they did a fellowship, have a practice that is at least 75% pediatric and meet at least minimum requirements).

OH, that is great. I already found Dr. Ciricillo and Dr. Grant on their list. Very helpful. Thank you.