No pain or headache

Does anyone have symptoms that aren’t headaches or pain? I have vestibular symptoms only

Hey Courtjade,
Yes, I have all sorts of other symptoms. I have issues with my balance which I was told was a vestibular issue but upon consulting an audiologist I was told that it was doubtful that my balance issues were hearing related, but to be sure I was sent to an ono-neurologist (Basically a neurologist who deals with the audio issues too) and they agreed, not hearing related. My balance can be really bad. I often have to stand… …give myself 10-15 seconds… …then move, slowly. I have frequently done the ‘normal’, stand and move all in one smooth action, only to find myself on the floor with a pounding head.

My symptoms post neurosurgery fluctuate hugely. Headaches are ‘normal’ (as if any of it could be considered normal) but apart from that, I get tingles and numbness down one side of my body, my vision plays some horrible tricks on me ie seeing stars, ghosting (seeing shadows that aren’t there) and an awful sensitivity to bright light and flashing light, especially when driving past trees. For the first 8-12mths post surgery it seems like a I have a whooshing sound with each step, but that eventually settled. For me there does not seem to be a pattern, I can have symptoms with no headache or a headache with no other symptoms or I can have the whole lot all at once.

When you say ‘vestibular symptoms’ how do you find you are affected?

Merl from the Moderator Support Team