Is it possible symptoms can improve without surgery?

I was diagnosed back in Aug 2011 with ACM1. I was having severe vertigo, floating feeling when changing positions, major arm pain and tingling, along with the normal headaches/neck pain. After many Dr. appointments and MRI's, this week has been actually "normal" in a way. My headache and neck pain are still there. I feel like my head is on a stake (pain from neck through top of head), and that I have ice picks shoved in both still not good, lol.....but all the dizziness, pulling, floating, etc seems to be better. I am so confused. I have an appointment in Dec with Dr. Oro in Colorado and I don't wanna show up and them tell me I don't need to be there because I'm not bad enough. Does that make sense?

I know all my symptoms started after my summer vacations. I took my kids on a 4,000 mile road trip out to Colorado to the top of Pikes Peak, the Grand Canyon, Vegas, ATV's in Arizona, and horseback riding in Texas. A ton of things that I now know I shouldn't have been doing. Then I went on another 4,000 mile road trip with my partner up to Niagara Falls and down the East Coast (got married in CT), and back through I'm wondering if all those things just irritated my Chiari and now it is better. Is this completely crazy to think? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Hugs to everyone!!

First off, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister! Thank you for helping me understand a little better. I am still so stunned at all this. I was thinking that was what happened.

Thank you! PS my appointment with Dr. Oro got moved up to Oct 31, Nov 1 and Nov 2! Less than 2 weeks to go!



Marlena, I was wondering the same thing. I started feeling a little better about a week ago. The blurred vision and dizziness was almost gone. Still had the stiff neck and headaches though. As you know, my symptoms came on same way as yours, in the mountains. I have had bronchitis for almost three weeks, with a lot of coughing. The dr gave me strong cough meds but didn't seem to do much. My surgery is Friday, and I started to question if I really needed to have it. But then about four days ago it all came back, and with a vengance. I figure the coughing brought it all back. And I believe Abby is correct about stress and anxiety. I have been very stressed worrying about my upcoming surgery. So...just so you know my symptoms went away for a very short period of time, but came right back. I definitely know now I need surgery, I have no quality of life, can't drive and have been home bound for way too long! I'm very nervous about Friday, but also excited that i'm going to get my life back. Just remember it may be gone for a period of time, but it's always there and can come back anytime. I wish you the best of luck at your dr appt. I know how anxious I was before my NS appt. I hope they give you the answers you need and they can help you! Take care, and hope you are having a pain free night!

Abby, im so sorry to hear about your sister! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! (((HUGS)))!