Nausea...what causes yours?

I am fighting awful nausea lately, well for about the last 2 months. It is so frustrating to feel like I am going to vomit all the time. My NL thinks that the nausea is caused by vertigo. I am pretty sure he is wrong. Lol, what else is new. I do get motion sickness, but I can have this nausea when I am not moving or when there isn't anything around me moving. I get this even before I wake up and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with it. Can you guys/girls shed any light on this? What causes your nausea?


None of my meds had been causing an issue, but that is a good place to look. I get the nausea accompanied by a sometimes dull to explosive pressure headache. I was given Phenergan and it does help, but I am only to take it every six hours...and it comes back at around 3 sometimes.

I get nausea if I do too much too quickly. Usually housework or yardwork. I think all the bending over really gets me. I use Homeopathy for mine but I was thinking about the anti nausea pressure points. They are in the wrist. They might help.

My gag reflex is very sensitive. Brushing my teeth is always tricky.