Music question- Would playing the bagpipes cause severe nauseating headaches with a CM

So this is a not so serious question but I started to take lessons to play the bagpipes and would get the most insane horrible headaches. I was also prego at the time. I thought that's why I was getting the headaches. I did NOT know I had a CM at the time or my Pineal cyst.

Anyone have experience with playing a wind instrument and having a CM. Keep in mind that playing the practice chanter you have to blow really hard to make any sound at all.

I will be asking the doctor on Tuesday but thought someone might have more personal experience with playing an wind instrument with a CM.(long shot on someone on this site with a CM playing the pipes)

They have been my obsession for years and my loving husband bought me a set for my birthday pre-CM, I want to get back to learning but don't want to literally damage something in my head;

Thanks for any replys.

I don't have experience playing an instrument with CM but I do notice I can not sing the same. When I try to sing songs that require alot of feeling my head hurts and become lightheaded. It is weird how that happens but it never fails. I have to limit myself when I sing now, but I will not let it keep me from praising the Lord :-)

Yes, it is possible for this to cause severe and/or nauseating headaches... very possible... but you'll learn your limits. Don't let that scare you. If you can play them and want to, then go ahead. But if it's causing you issues, then back off or suffer the consequences ya know :\

I will echo kmgtm when I say that I can barely sing anymore, and I absolutely loved to. I am constantly losing the ability with each passing day, unfortunately. Singing brings on a headache within about 90 seconds for me. I also get very lightheaded. I don't know that you'll do much damage do your head if you already have CM, but it can simply get very uncomfortable.

Keep getting your regular MRI's to monitor the progression of the CM, and let your body tell you what you can and cannot do. I will pray that it lets you do as much as possible for this passion of yours. Best of luck to you!

Thanks everyone, I am going to ask the NS on Tuesday see what he thinks then give it a try. Maybe ease into it and build up to it. Fingers crossed!

Well tried once and what a whopper of a headache.........could be the pipes or could have been an accumulation of other factors. I am trying to alleviate the cause of the headaches since its Not my Chiari ( so the docs say) then try again. I did notice like a few of you have said that singing doesn't make my head feel so great either.

I would imagine that playing a bagpipe raises intracranial pressure (think holding your breath underwater).

Um, no Cine MRI. I was told my Cm was very mild and could not be symptomatic and actually "oh that's nothing" Is it or isn't hard do I push the issue. I dunno!

I was so hoping it wasn't playing the practice pipe that caused the pain( I kinda knew it was but wishful thinking!) maybe I could build up my tolerance...... I am so gonna try. I just don't want to do major or any damage to my head. Who would really know the answer to this odd question????