Lumps and Knots in Scalp

Have another strange question… But am curious, so figured I would ask here… I have these lumps come up on my scalp (usually top of my head) that make my head feel “wavy”. But then they will go away just as fast as they come… does that sound like a symptom to anything that we all experience? I feel weird asking… But figure if its common its something someone else would of experienced, if not, then its something definately to add to my list of questions for my dr on the 12th.


I have a few bumps on my scalp…they are hard to the touch…but do not hurt…I was told it was notthing…called a ‘wen’…but mine stay…

be sure to ask doc…that is odd that they come and go.

God Bless,

it sounds like goose bumbs, or hair roots enlargment,

i dont have it,

it is strange, but common in this post,