Anybody get the stinging in the back of there heads to

feels like a thousand stingers and pressure with it and the rining in my ears god help me I pray

I get stinging and also a kind of numbness back there… or like I feel like I’m getting goosebumps but only on the back of my head. but it’s not goosebumps…

I get a burning (maybe stinging?) and intense sense of pressure there and the ringing, or swooshing sound. I always quote that scene from the Lord of the Rings… "Drums, drums in the deep." Not funny, I know but it's all I've got.

I know that when I have the burning and aching in the occipital region, I have a significant increase in anxiety. I think some of it is certainly connected to the constant pain and ringing etc. But, I also am getting the sense that the anxiety is an actual symptom itself. I am always kind of stressed out by my symptoms but at these times, it seems really intense. I know my wife says it's harder to console.

I hope you have a good evening. Hang in there.

ricki Lynn said:

Wow thank you all for answering my question I have asked before on here but couldn't get a reply :) glad to know my brain isn't doing something not normal lol well is isn't normal but we all know now and we gotta stick together . When I get the stinging I get really emotional and mood swings to my husband and children all say .I don't mean to but I"m in sooo much pain cant take anymore of it.this ringing that stays constantly for 10 months now wont go away I just pray to god for all of us.You are all in my prayers and in my heart ! Does anybody know if you do chose to get the surgery is there a good chance that the ringing will go away and the pressure Im so scared to do it and hope it will do some good ?.......lvs to all Ricki lynn