Light and noise sensitivities

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle sensitivities to light and noise? These issues are getting worse for me. I know to wear sunglasses outside, but what about flashing lights like those on emergency vehicles or road crew vehicles? And what about headlights for night time driving? All of these are making my already 24/7 headaches worse. Also, my noise sensitivity is getting worse. Everything from loud flushing toilets to the Salvation Army bell ringers are now on the list of things that cause or make my headaches worse. I know some of these things are unavoidable, and unfortunately I can’t live in a bubble. Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated!

Gosh I thought it was just me! Lol

I have the same problems...I don't have any suggestions other than to wear those sunglasses and maybe ear plugs but don't put them in all the way ? I can't tolerate the pressure earplugs create so...probably you can't either.

I just keep lowering the blinds, turning off the lights and I try not to drive at night.

And my poor bf has to keep the tv low and the lights off more than he likes to.

I sympathize with you!!

Hang in there!