Lambdoid/torcular inversion

Hello everyone,

I was diagnosed with Chiara 1 ten days ago. There was mentioned of lambdoid/torcular inversion on my MRI result. I failed to asked my NL and he didn't mention it. I was researching it tonight and I can not find how/if this is related to Chiari. In fact, all that I see is that it points to another disorder opposite of Chiari - totally confuses me.

Does anyone know what lambdoid/torcular inversion is and how it relates (if it does)?

Hi Abby! Thanks for taking the time to send me the info. Dandy Walker is what I keep coming up with as well which, other than the lambdoid/torcular inversion, doesn't match up with my MRI results. I guess I'll have to wait until my NS appoint on 12/5. It just drives me nuts when I can't find answers. :)

God Bless you as well - LIlly