New to the group :o) Transforming Migraines vs Chiari 1

Hey Everyone,

Im excited to find this group! I dont feel alone anymore. I've suffered from the occassional migraine for years now.. which I can deal with. Within the past year.. everything has been magnified. My migraines have been becoming more frequent and stronger.. and I was visting my nuerologist often because I kept telling him something didn't feel right. Well he ordered some MRIs and found that I have the Chiari Malformation. Only he calls it a slight form because its somewhere between 5mm and 6mm. Since my diagnoses in July things have just gotten worse. I have this ache in the base of my head that doesnt go away.. pain that radiates down the left side of my shoulder and my left arm is now weaker then my right arm, along with other symptoms. I get the most intense head pain ever. Ive gone to the ER 5 times over the last couple of months because I cant take the pain.

I have seen a neurosurgeon who says there is a 75% chance the surgery may be able to help my symptoms. Im just worried it will make my symptoms worse.. or it wont help at all. I take daily medication to help with my head pains.. and I basically live day to day not knowing whats going to come or how bad the pain is going to be. Im tired of living like this. I have a 3 and a 5 year old and I want to be the best mother I can for them. I have a second opinion appointment with a different neurosurgeon on monday to see what he has to say. Any advice would be appreciated.