Katie's Introduction

Hello everyone! I joined because I’m having some trouble understanding my friend, Lizzie, and all that goes with her Chiari. She was diagnosed when we were in college together, in 2009. She had endoscopic decompression surgery last summer. I haven’t been in contact quite as much because we no longer go to school together.

A bit more about me, I’m 23 and will be majoring in Neuroscience this upcoming fall with the plans to studying chronic pain and/or mental illness. I myself experience daily chronic pain. I also have a mental illness that was exasperated due to the CRPS.

After going through all possible meds for my pain and having none of them work, the thing that helped me the most was Chronic Pain Rehabilitation. They took a psychological as well as physical approach to learning to accept and deal with pain. I’m currently off all pain management meds, with the exception of one PRN only when totally desperate pain pill. I also use a TENS unit.

I’m currently at a coffee house and need to go, so I will add more to my intro later, but I don’t want to lose this now!