Just spoke with Mike S...UPDATE


Just got off the phone with Michael..he is going great!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in awe of him..He was talking clearly and has already had a seeion with PT..yesterday he had the session and he wasn't even 24 hrs post op at that time!!!!

He has another session with PT again sometime today.

Mike is in a lot of pain, however...but Mike, being Mike...did not focus on that during our talk..he is looking forward to taking the time needed to recover.

As he already posted earlier..they wanted to discharge him already!!! That is not going to happen....He hasn't seen the doc jet this morning.....I am sure they will address d/c at some point.

He did have a temp of, I believe. 101 but now it is down to 98..they need to make sure he is w/e elevated temp.

YOU GO MIKE....Your postitive outlook will make this ordeal more tolerable!!!!

Mike wants to thank everyone here for your thoughts and prayers and your posts .

Will update when I know more.

Take Care,


Good news! :)

Thanks for the update

Thanks for update! Keep going strong Mike. :slight_smile:

Hi ..

I haven't spoken with Mike since yesterday morning..will update as soon as I hear something.

Mike..if you are reading this..we are all praying for you and know that with your strong spirit..you will recover nicely!!

Your wife and step mom are so darn sweet..I just wanted to go through the phone and give them both a hug hug...YOU ARE LOVED!!!!

so happy to hear good news from him!!!!! Take it slow Mike, we need you aroung here! xoxoxoo :)