Im back!

hello everyone! i know i havent been on a while these fast few months have been crazy! im glad to say i made it trough surgery and i am feeling better everyday! i had some complications but overall i pulled through.

i had a spinal fluid leak when i was vomiting a lot and had to go back to the hospitaland stay the night i went back home and after a few days i was begining to have a regualer flow of spinal fluid leaking from my incision. I went to the doctor they put a lot of durabond(glue) all over it and sent me home. i was leaking through the glue so the next morning i was put back to sleep and cut back open and sewed back up to stop the leak.. spent another 2 nights in the hospital! but other than the frontal headaches and vomiting im doing good... still recovering! im sorry i havent been on hope everyone understands...

Hi Olivia! You have such a good attitude. Sorry you had a set back. Leaking does seem to be common. I pray for continued healing. Keep us posted when you're feeling up to it. I'm having my surgery on Aug. 23.

Love, Christine XO


Thanks for letting us know how you are.....glad you are feeling better now...Like Christine said, it does seem like leaks are common.....stinks though!!!!!!

One day at a time as the saying goes...but SO TRUE.....DO NOT OVER-DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christine...WOW....the 23rd of August will be here b4 you know it.....know we are here for you!!!

Love ya's,


Hello Olivia im glad to hear you are doing well! I wasn’t here when you was in here but I had surgery in May of this year and I had spinal leakage after my surtures removed. I went to the hospital stayed of night. I thought I was going have surgery again but the Dr put 4it nurtures and that solved my problem. Thank God
favor now everything is going fairly well. Welcome back

Hey girl! I'm glad you're back! I'm glad you are over surgery and getting through it! I had the vomitting too. It was crazy! It took me 3 weeks to stop. My NS gave me medicine to help me sleep and that actually helped the vomitting too.

Tomorrow is my 8 year post-op anniversary from surgery! I can't believe it's been that long already!
I hope you continue to recover well and fast!


thanks everyone im doing so good still a little vomiting here and there but feeling much better


sorry about the vomiting.....but just thrilled you are feeling so much better. Thanks for the update.