I have to share this here, because this is pretty cool

I had my decompression surgery on June 19 and then had a CSF leak repair on July 23. I was out of work completely until September 22. I then went to work part time. I started off as 3 half days a week and eventually moved up to 2 full days and 3 half days. I will get to return full time starting January 5.

Yesterday I walked into work and one of the teachers said he had something for me. I stopped, he went into his room and came out with a folded over wad of cash and tried to hand it to me. I initially argued but eventually did take it.

The teachers at my school, knowing I’ve been part time this semester and so have had smaller checks, they took a collection of money and he handed me a little over $400. I was left speechless and actually cried (I do not cry at anything or for anything).

I decided I work for the most amazing people on the planet.

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That’s awesome!!

Wow!!! It's so wonderful that you work with people who care so much about you and are willing to help you out in such a way!

Cole how wonderful! That is a great story and you deserve that pick-up. I’m also glad you are making progress, you had a long road.

:slight_smile: jenn

That is so wonderful! What amazing coworkers! :)

They really are amazing coworkers and I am so glad I work where I do.

That’s great,Cole! Merry Christmas!

I truly am blessed. I was absolutely shocked. It really allowed me to be able to pay my car payment as well as buy a few Christmas gifts. One of the ladies that contributed, I bought presents for her 2 boys....she got upset with me and said I was supposed to spend it on me not others...I told her it was my money to do with as I wish :)

How wonderful! So glad to hear yo are getting back to normal.