Hyperventilating Episode

Hello! So, I have been having episodes of confusion and delayed processing and today I had a strange episode. I was with my family and we were laughing and I couldn't stop laughing and then had a mix of uncontrolled crying and laughing that turned into hyperventilating.

I have never experienced anything like this and am wondering if anyone else has.

Thank you!

Hi Cem007, I can see this would be quite worrying if you've never experienced it before but I don't think what you are describing is unheard of. I hate using this word for fear of it being misunderstood but what you're describing is a 'hysterical' reaction ... simply an emotional excess. It frequently ends with hyperventilation or fainting. I think try to take some joy from having had "a moment". Kindest, Jules

Thank you Jules G. It was strange and the feeling in the back of my head was very strange, and my tongue and throat were numb after. I have never hyperventilated before and it has been very recent that I have had small spells of laughing or crying when there was no reason to laugh or cry. I don't see my neurosurgeon until January but am tempted to call him. I know there is still a lot unknown about chiari and associated disorders and am wondering if others have had this/ Thank you for reaching out!

I'm sure you'd feel reassured by talking it through with your NS or even your PCP, I know I do whenever anything strange happens to me, especially if we get anxious it is easy for things to become a vicious circle. If you're worried about hyperventilating one easy self-help is to keep a paper bag in your pocket and breathe into it if you start going hyper ... breathing your exhaled carbon dioxide is what brings the attack under control. Do keep us posted on how you get on because everyone's experience posted here helps someone else too :-)