Breathing issues

I am wondering if anyone has or had any sort of breathing issues?

this morning when i woke up out of a dead sleep I woke to gasping for breath.

my husband was able to calm me down til i was breathing normal again.

he thought it might have had something to do with the excessively high humidity that was inside our home at the time, I was thinking it might have had something to do with for the last few days i had been coughing quite a bit when i lay down due to nasal drain. I just remember one NS telling me "Yes you have chiari but to come back and see her when I can't breathe"

Any thoughts on this I would be appreciative.

~Thanks Lisa

oh, i have forgotten- my husband closed the windows and turned on the AC he was thinking it may have happened because of the high humidity inside the house.

Lisa...Just throwing this out there....could it have possibly been a severe panic attack??? I still don't understand your NS 's logic behind "come back when you cannot breathe'...I have never heard of that..I have heard people say their NS's tell them to come back when they cannot handle the pain, have drop attacks, ect....

How long did this episode last???? Did the AC help?????

I would call your primary Doctor tomorrow.



I would lean more towards it being a panic attack or the nasal drainage. Do you have allergies? I heard on the news this morning that this is a very bad year for those that suffer from seasonal allergies. I would check with your PCP and ask them if you should try some allergy medication to help with the nasal drainage. Chiari can effect every system in our bodies since it is neurological. I would try to rule out other things before chalking it up to Chiari. Have you been decompressed?


honestly iam a loss for words of this episode,

Lori that NS who said that got the boot pretty quick--but when it was happening thats all i could think of....

panic attack from sleeping and i was having a pleasant dream too?? lasted about 10 minutes-total- and i felt the affects (headache& overall uncomfortable with what happened) all day long, the AC did seem to help but really hard to say how much.

Carla- yes i have been decompressed in Oct 09, 19 days later suffering from severe complication (hydrocephauls)

I never had allergies before.


Since your decompression in 09..have you had another MRI???

plenty of them.


i also have trouble breathing, it comes and goes during the day, when i get it, my head feels like its going to exsplode feels like pressure, i control my breathing, and find i have to breath very deeply for awhile,

i dont believe these are panic attacks,

i spoke to my GP about it, he thinks my chest wall is spasming and causing my breathing to go out,

as far as i know i dont have sinus issues



Oh my gosh, I never thought of the chest muscles having spasms and causing breathing problems! That makes perfect sense. Do you think the spasms are caused by your cyst or chiari? Why does your doctor think this is happening? What is causing the spasms.



hey carla

good question, thats the problem, we dont know untill i get the cyst removed, thats what worries me, if it isnt the cyst, then i feel doomed, lol

i did notice the other day that, my arms and legs feel like ive done alot of work outs, and left with the muscle pain and tiredness, it can get painful and achy. i realised that my muscles were spasming but so little i wasnt feeling the spasms, i was feeling the result of it, i think it time to get electricified, and figure out if it is that,

i know it spasms in my chest as it comes and goes like contractions,

hope that makes sence


Yes, it does make sense. Muscle spasms are very painful and they squeeze nerves and make it even worse. I am having a terrible time with spasms in my neck causing shoulder and arm burning. I wish there as more to do for the spasms. I’ve tried so many different things and nothing seems to help. Hang in there!

thankyou carla

i agree there should be more done to relieve this issue, they are apain,