How do u energize!

I need some tips on how to get my self up and about when i can't and don't even want to!! I'm always sooo tired and energy less!!

hi abbey,

good question....right now i kinda in the same place you are with no real words of wisdom!!

BUT...I have a plan...yup..a real good plan!!!! I am starting back to exercising and following a meal plan...

hopefully others will chime in and help us both out with ideas!!!

Thanks for the topic.



I have the same problem. I always have to take a nap in the afternoon. The more I have to do the more the pain, headaches and general blah feeling is there. I can’t do anything to keep up with my children or fiance anymore. My kids are ok with being able to just sit with mom and watch movies or read or just hang out. My fiance works during the day so the only time he has to do anything is in the evening and by that time i am done. I try to take it easy during the day so I can be ready if he wants to do anything but most times it nevers works out that way. I talked to my NS about it but he sid to give it time and that my body is still trying to recover and to listen to it and follow its cues. My fiance doesn"t get upset if I can’t do something,I do. Mornings are my best times so I try to plan all of my appts in the morning and I try to watch what I eat. Hope this helps…Amanda

That is a tough one. I agree with Carla that exercising does give me more energy. So I set the alarm on the mornings I have to call for a time for the exercise pool. I get a time in the afternoon, so....I can go back to sleep again. My hubby really drives the train for walking on the boardwalk, so I'm glad I have him to encourage me to do it. If I don't do those things, I will sometimes feel like I am going backwards. And, believe it or not, it does often help alleviate some of the pain.

I know for people who are depressed or feeling down it's sometimes hard to make yourself get up. I hope you won't let yourself get into that kind of's a slippery slope that only goes downhill. When you open your eyes, try to concentrate on what's positive in your life and concentrate on that. Sometimes it's hard to find, I know, but we all have something to be thankful for, even if it's just the gift of life for another day. A big part of feeling o.k. is letting go and accepting of life the way it is in spite of all the difficulties and pain. I know that's not as easy as it sounds; it's somewhat of a grieving process, especially for those who had an active life before. It doesn't always come easy for me either when everything seems to be piling up......I work on it and sometimes have to convince myself LOL!!

Another benefit of regular exercise it will give you something to look forward to (I know, I know) - believe it or not. If you can find a friend or family member to do it with you, that's even better!!! It's so important to set aside some "me" time; I hope everybody finds time for goes a long way toward making you feel better.....and it's something to look forward to. I don't always look forward to walking, but I really enjoy the water, the ducks, and the seagulls at the boardwalk. I'm so thankful that I live near this beautiful and peaceful place to take a walk. It's hard to believe that just a few miles away is the craziness and busyiness (I hope I spelled that right) of Washington DC.



i thought i was the only one… i feel like i can never wake upp!!

coffee and exercise!

Although it is difficult to get the energy to do so, I go to the gym and or exercise at least 3x a week