Hearing my own heartbeat etc

I had an appt last week at the balance center. The dr happened to ask if I hear my own heartbeat or my voice echo. I do! I never thought anything of it though. I just thought it was normal. I also can hear my eyes move, a crackiling noise and a swishing noise. I hate the crackling noise, it really bothers me, but the others I just never really paid any attention to. I am curious if anyone else hears this?

She also mentioned the fact that I move with my pulse. I always thought it was my eyes moving, but it is my whole body. It's so weird!


Hey Nicole. Yes, I hear my heartbeat and my voice echo. I always thought that was normal too. So, it's not?? Did she tell you why it was happening?


I have all those symptoms off and on. Sometimes it feels like my whole body is throbbing. My face beats a lot also especially when the weathers bad. I can remember being in my teens and twenties and everytime I did aerobic excersizing afterwards my face would get red and throb for a long time. The heart beating in my ears is so annoying sometimes. It really bothers me when I sleep and put my head on the pillow. I used to describe it like it was ants crawling on my pillow. crunch crunch crunch...."The ants go marching two by two hoorah hoorah!" (And I didn't know why doctors treated me like I was crazy!) LOL

As far as causes I always chaulked it up to pressure in my head and in my body. It used to only effect my head now it's my whole body. I did read recently that the pulse sounds are suppose to come from the big veins on the side of the neck. Not sure if that's true with Chiari but it kind of makes sense because they are right near the ear.

Yes, I can hear my heartbeat and voice echo also! It will suddenly be like I'm in a tunnel and everything is magnified. Sometimes I also get a huge pressure rush sound/feeling in my ears, especially if I change positions. Like Wendy, after any strenuous activity my face will be very red and throbs. All very weird and uncomfortable things. The other weird thing is that I will suddenly feel my pulse at the base of my skull and lower back. It always worries me. It seems to happen mostly when I've been upright for a while and then lay down. Do you think it's due to the CSF being obstructed? I'd love to hear what your doctor attributes it to!


I forgot about this post. I was so happy that a doctor finally took interest in my symptoms. Thing is....she never got back to me! She didn't even talk to my NL about what we had talked about. Really!? I am so sick of doctors and hospitals. They wouldn't act like this if it were THEIR bodies.

They never looked into SCDS.


I had the sx's you mentioned before surgery ...it took some mths after decompression but they have gone away ..for the most part....every once in awhile I will get that ...hearing your HR in my ears...very irritating!

SCDS is a hole in the vestibular canal. I have a dx for this but something is still off, vibration feeling in back of head, visual disturbances, etc. This is what I am researching which led me to your site. High CSF pressure can cause SCDS. Primary symptoms are hearing hearbeat and eyeballs.


Will you please message me your email address. I have an interesting article & can't save the PDF to my laptop for some reason. I really think it will give you some answers. It doesn't have a virus or anything I promise. It's from a Specialist at Johns Hopkins.

Tracy Z.