Heart Palpitations

Long time no talk! Things are going fairly well, so I haven't been on since I've been so busy with life! I do have a question or two that has popped up recently.

Does anyone else have palpitations (heart skips a beat) when you lift heavy things or have headaches? My family is known for heart issues, but I wanted to check out the Chiari side of it, too.

Thanks for your time and I hope all is well with everyone!! Hugs!

Thank you. Your words are so kind.

Thank you for all the info! I'll ask around and see if I need to go to the doc. I don't know how much they can do, but it would be good to know.

Thank you again! Much love to you and I hope all is well!

I have had heart palpitations since I was little (like 4 years old). After being diagnosed with Chiari, I was told (and then found the research) that says the heart issues I have had are related to the Chiari. I take Bystolic to control my heart rate/palpitations and my blood pressure that has now become an issue since surgery as well.

I have my ballet class again today, and I'm still having heart issues after the last on Tuesday (we were doing a lot of jumps). I've never had passing-out issues, but do I need to be worried about class today?