Hearing issues

Anyone else have trouble with ear canal deep in neck being blocked and causing hearing loss. I was decompressed back in 2016! Have had “ear achs” since February. Just want to hear again. Also lots of head aches. Finally got referred to ENT.

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Hey Brainless,
I’d suggest that the ENT would be your best place to start. At the very least they’ll be able to tell if there’s an issue with the structures of the ear. But, I do have to add a word of caution here, because the surgery was within close proximity, often the surgery itself can be identified as the cause. I saw an ophthalmologist for eye pain issues and he said to me ‘Well, you’ve had brain surgery. What did you expect?’ I didn’t expect THIS. He then referred me to an audiologist who told me the ear structures had not been affected, which didn’t surprise me. There was a wax build up, but he flushed that out. So, my hearing was ruled out as a contributor.

But again, an ENT is a good place to start. Will be interested to hear the outcome.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

Hi l had decompressed 2016, my neurosurgeon advised me to change my lifestyle from yoga…diet drink lots of water quitting gluten i get much better and out of wheel chair now, if l were you l will ask to have another MRI/Scan doubt ENT can do anything about chiari issues.

Final results from ENT: cat scan showed chiari is returning. As for ears: he wouldn’t say issues are from chiari but i feel they are somehow connected. My inner ears are being “squished” by my brain that is “thinning” the skull bone above my middle and inner ear. I am also having a “pulsing” on & off that im able to stop by pressing on my neck by the ear. ENT believes that is from lack of CSF flow which is creating elevated pressure. Before surgery in 2016 i was at 10% csf flow and had same ear issues. ENT suggested neurologist for help.

Hey Brainless,
Did he give you a referral to a neurologist?
Did the ENT write a report for your PCP? With recommendations? or was it more a factual report than a recommendation report?
If you can get your PCP to make a referral, follow through with a neurologist, see what they have to say.
That would be my suggestion, follow every lead to it’s eventual conclusion.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

I’m replying because you mentioned”pulsing”. I have had moments of pulsing in my head ever since being diagnosed in fact I think that is why my primary sent me to a neurologist in the first place years ago. I was decompressed in 2019. Still have ringing in ears and the pulsing from time to time. For whatever reason the pulsing seems to happen most after getting out of car on a trip to the store or wherever and walking across the street or parking lot or wherever we are. The ringing is constant. And no doctor has really been able to tell me what this is or why. You mentioning it just made me feel better knowing I’m not alone and wonder if others experience this feeling.