Headaches post surgery from incision site

I’m an about 4 years post op from my chairi and I still experience severe almost daily headaches originating from my incision. Does anyone else experience this? If so any non drug things that have helped?

Scar management and graded motor imagery worked great for incisional pain. These two techniques address tissue sensitivity but also non-functional brain processing of sensation and stimuli from that area. Awesome!

Hi Jonathan,
I’m 20 years out, I had incision site sensitivity for many years. I still need a soft pillow to avoid direct pressure, but have never had headaches directly from the area.
It sure does not seem to be the norm, especially 4 years out. Wasn’t headache relief part of the reason for the surgery. I would be screaming at the Doc’s by now. What do they say? If they can’t help, maybe time for some new ones. Yet, I do know how hard that is to do or even how hard it is to find a new one.
I hope others here may have some suggestions for you. It may take a while.
Best of luck
Grandpa Jack