Has anyone on here seen Dr. Tew in Ohio?

Hi everyone, Happy Halloween!

I am currently in the process of sending my reports, records and cd-rom of my MRI's to Mayfield Clinic in Cinncinati, Ohio. Dr. Tew is going to be reviewing them and then they will set me up an appt. with him.

I was wondering if anyone on here has seen him and what their experience was with him?

I seen a NS in Louisville, Ky who basically blew me off and said that CM1 would not cause all of the sx I am having. Did not like him at all!

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

My sx have gotten worse since I was rear-ended at a stop sign a couple of months ago.



hi tara....

dr. tew is the doc ray d'alonzo had ..he is the one that wrote the book..'contents under pressure'....ray spoke highly of him.

sorry you are feeling worse. think of you often.




I'm sorry for this very late reply. I live in Ohio and Dr. Tew is my n/s - I'm having my surgery on 1/3/12. He has an excellent reputation. My first experience with him his bedside manner was lacking, but the second time I met with him he was very different.

Carrie :)

Hi Tara,

I too, have only read great things about Dr. Tew/

Carrie, hi...so happy you have a date set and have a well respected NS...Soon, you'll be on the road to recovery..Jan 3rd is right around the corner!!

Merry Christmas!!!


Hi Carrie and Lori,

Carrie, my surgery went very very well yesterday! You are definitely in great hands with Dr. Tew. My first meeting with him I wasn't quite sure how to take him but seeing him yesterday and he was totally different. Excellent NS and the staff here at Univ. hospital of Cincinnati have been absolutely awesome!


I am sooo glad surgery is over and I am on the road to recovery! Feeling good other than stiff neck and some head pain in front where my head was in the head rest. Hopefully I will get to go home tomorrow.

I have gotten out of bed to go to the bathroom and do a lap around the floor of the hospital that I am on. I have sat up to eat lunch. I am doing really good.

Peace and Love to you both!