Has Anyone Experienced CNS Healing from Medium-chain / High-chain Fatty Acid OILS?

I saw the movie “Lorenzo’s Oil,” where a boy who had a CNS disease (it wasn’t Chiari’s) was cured, pretty much, by consuming medium and high-chain fatty acids - like coconut oil, palm oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil, etc… I know that Chiari’s is a whole different illness than what was portrayed in this movie - but both illnesses involve Central Nervous System damage. Is it true that the CNS rebuilds best with med-hi chain fatty acids??? Ever since my decompression surgery in 2012, I’ve tried to make sure I eat several tablespoons of coconut oil (so YUMMY to pop popcorn with!) or flaxseed oil in salads, or olive oil, etc… I’m just wondering if anyone else has tried these oils and noticed improvement. I’ve also been told that purple foods are good brain-restoration foods. Purple cabbage, blue corn, blueberries, etc… Has anyone tried “purple foods” with success?