This is what I do for my Chiari and it helps alot, but give it time

I throw pretty much whatever I have into my juicing, but I always have a lot of good foods anyway because I have also noticed that by changing my diet almost completely has made a huge difference. I usually do kale, spinach, chard (a spring mix),cucumbers, red apple (green is to sour, unless you like that), goji berries, flax seed, chai seed.

The Vitamix is a very good one too, but pricey. The Nutri Bullet does the same thing, you have to get everything from what you are juicing for it to make a difference. I hope this helps, it has been a lifesaver for me. God Bless.


Hi there,

I have done the same, but it does not reverse or cure though, you have to have surgery ..1!!

Hi Seascape,

(Background) 52 yo, Diagnosed 1999, CM Type 2, 7 mm displacement, normal CSF. 3 collasped disks, and menigenoma tumor in frontal lobe.

I've never had the surgery and don't plan on doing so, so i've made MAJOR adjustments to my lifestyle to deal with this. I also eat a very healthy diet, not quite vegan, but pretty darn close. Rest when i need to. I use a soft neck collar when tired and to sleep in. Take GABA to help maintain calm, do stretching exercises and Tai Chi for balance. There are alot of things people can do that don't require the surgery. It's just not something i would opt for. Glad to know there are others trying out alternatives.

Best, alicia

Hi Alicia - I hope you are still active on the forum. I am a friend of a Type 1 Chiari sufferer. I am very into natural, holistic and complementing therapies for all diseases and conditions. I was hoping that maybe you would take the time to tell me everything you do to combat the symptoms of chairi, even if you have no proof and is only anecdotal. Even if it seems weird, bizarre or taboo, I would love to know all the things you have tried and your results and conclusions. Thank you in advance. Best wishes for your continued management and progress with this condition.


I did the vegan diet for three years. Recently I’ve taken gluten completely out and now add an animal protein every week or so. The non-gluten seems to have made my headaches better, though they are still there somedays. I can’t figure the cause as of yet. Lots of good healthy fats and veggies. Multivitamins. Stay healthy! If you have a good balance in your gut and body maybe you can help your head?
Sorry this isn’t much. I do believe a good diet, and you must do your research on what you should be eating, should help.

alicia, do you do any cranio sacral or PT? what snotins do you see relief by changing diet

Hi alicia,
I haven’t done surgery either but my reasoning is to scared lol. I’m 41 with 3 kids & the bad stories after surgery seems to be the ones that stick. My chiari is type 1 & my tonsils are 1.4cm which is pretty bad says every neurosurgeon I’ve seen. My symptoms have changed this past wk which is scary. I would like to know what you do day to day to help cuz idk what to do & am willing to try anything at this point.

Hopefully everyone had a positive day… Unfortunately I tried blasting all of these last year, and that’s when I found out I was intolerant to most items above. I also, ended up with Cinnamon poisoning & changed to different ingredients. Now I drink 16g Vanilla ORGAIN, it seems to not be so gassy, nor hurt my stomach. Since my concussion & my CM flare up, my stomach has been trying to get itself together & it has been a long arduous process.