Hanging in there

Today was my little girl's surgery. It was a very long day to say the least. It was a long surgery and there was good news and bad news today for her. Her bone marrow results from last week came back negative for cancer, but her tumor showed to be very aggressive and she lost part of her right colon, part of her right ureter, her gall bladder and pieces of her duodenum. She's all patched up now and repaired inside and doing well in recovery. I am hanging in there. The reality hit me hard this evening with the news of the aggressiveness of her tumor and the fact that it did indeed spread to surrounding lymph nodes which were also removed. My baby girl has a very rough road ahead of her.

As for me, I have been doing ok. I have been functioning with the thought that she doesn't look sick so she must not be sick. Therefore the reality of this is not yet hitting me. After getting the news after her surgery and seeing her lying in the bed all hooked up and in pain, that reality is becoming very real now.

My headaches are doing great. Not really having any at all. My stiff neck was awful for a while there. My birthday was last Thursday and the night before I asked God to give me a better neck for my present. Well, with a little help from a massage therapist, my neck was much better the next day and now it feels just fine. That was a rough few days though. The pain was intense. Other than that, I feel great healthwise. It is a huge relief to not have any headaches to deal with while going through all of this with Ila. Pray it stays that way.

Love, Jenny

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Hi Jenny,

Thanks so much for taking the time to keep us updated. I am so sorry for all you , your daughter and entire family are going through..Somehow, God gives us the grace to get by.

It is ggod to hear that you are feeling good in regards to your health..you are in my thoughts and prayers for that as well.

I am praying that Ilajean had a peaceful night and was kept comfortable.



Jenny, your family is in my prayers. May your baby girl’s road to recovery be an uneventful one. I’m glad your headaches are minimal now.

Many blessings!


Jenny, I pray that God will give you peace and your daughter a speedy rcovery as your family goes through this difficult time. It is so hard when you have a little one that's struggling. You are in my thoughts and prayers. It is sothoughtful of you to keep us informed when you are going through so much......I believe in the miracle of healing.....I'm praying for one for you, my friend.




Compared to what your little baby is going thru, Chiari is no big deal, right? I am so sorry to hear the news that she has such an aggressive tumor. I'm glad the blood work came back negative though. Hopefully, everything was done in time and she will be on her way to recovery once and for all. How long do you think she will be in the hospital? I'll bet she will be anxious to get back home. What is the treatment plan from here on? Please know that you are in my prayers. You are an incredibly strong woman and handle everything so well. I believe that God is giving you a break from Chiari so that you can care for Ilajean:)

Love you,