Hangin' in there

I spent the day on the couch today. It almost feels like I have more pain today than I did yesterday. I had more pain throughout last night. Pain seems to be radiating down my back more today into my hip a bit. I am waiting till tomorrow to see how I feel before calling the doctor. I really wanted to give myself a couple of solid days on the muscle relaxers to see if they help at all. I still have the hand tremor, but it seems a tiny but better in a way. I can force myself to stop it it seems. The pain in my shoulder and shoulder blade though is getting alot worse. My arm is really sore and just feels really weak. At times it kind of feels like it's going numb, but it's hard to tell. I just started getting some strange twinges of pain in my neck tonight too. I think tomorrow will bring a phone call to the doctor and a possible drive up to the hospital. We'll see. I just don't like the way I'm feeling. As I'm sitting here the pain is starting to come to the front of my shoulder onto my right chest with a tingly almost itchy feeling. I know, it's time to go see the doctor. I'll be calling in the morning.

Love, Jenny