Hair loss

I had my surgery in September 2015. Ever since I have had alot of hair loss. I get hand fills every time I brush shower ir run my fingers threw my hair. Has anyone else had this problem after surgery?

Hi Andrea, I've not had surgery but I do know that the trauma of surgery, anaesthesia and medication can cause hairloss. It's not always evident straight away because of the way the hair grows in cycles. The good news is that is usually settles over a period of several months and eventually the hair will re-grow. But there are also other possible causes including low iron stores and thyroid problems so it is definitely worth mentioning to your docs and maybe even asking for your bloods to be taken and checked. Most pre-menopausal women have low to insufficient ferritin (iron store) levels even though they are not clinically anaemic.

I haven't had Surgery for my Chiari, however I had spine surgery Dec 2014. I have noticed major hair loss since then. It only seems to get worse. Another thing that happens very frequently I get major hair knots in the back part of my head. I use to have hair down to my waste now it's up to my shoulders because of how bad the knots would get. Also I have noticed I started to get a lot of white hair. Prior to this surgery I had not one gray hair.

LiliK it’s funny you mentioned the white hair although mine I consider almost gray kinda hard to distinguish, which is getting worse.

WebMD has a good basic info article on female hairloss HERE . It's helpful because it explains the growth cycles and how they can be interrupted by illness, surgery, medication etc. And, of course, as we age our hair structure changes anyway as it's affected by hormones too. I can't now remember where I read it but there is a reason that grey/white hair is often coarser than our natural coloured hair. That too, though, seems to settle with the passage of time and each regrowth cycle.

There are plenty of good resources on the internet where you can research more information but definitely ignore those that are telling you their lotion, potion, pill, laser, shampoo, essential oils etc will grow you back a thick gleaming mane of hair. They won't! Only a few treatments are proven for female hair loss and even then it depends on the cause, for example, minoxidil (Regaine/Rogaine) for androgenetic alopecia. I've had progressive hairloss for getting on for 20 years now and have probably lost 75% of my density. For me it is all over loss so although it's very thin and very fine I can still look half presentable with a good choppy cut, colour and great styling products. Mine is likely connected with my autoimmune issues. I certainly understand how distressing this can be.

Not sure if this is normal or not, what I do know is that there are some hair loss treatments that might help you. I am not a very big expert but I've heard something about Mixoil and others. you might want to give them a search. good luck

I talked with a friend of mine, he said that he found Minoxidil to be extremely helpful for him. really, it would be a very good idea to search for it.

I'm going to research Mixoil. I really need to do something about my hair loss especially these white hairs that make me feel so old and I'm only 33.

Hi Andrea. I had a great deal of hair loss prior to my decompression surgery and after much research, found that the medication I was on (topiramate - Topamax) was likely the culprit. I stopped taking the medication and within a couple of weeks, the hair loss stopped. My hair grew back and I have my normal full head of hair again.