Post Surgery Car Accident

I had ACM decompression surgery and C1 Laminectomy in 2006. I had a long recovery, but after I recovered had felt great until I moved from Ohio to Colorado where the altitude is much higher. I was involved in a head on collision around Nov '13 and suffered a concussion. Ever since Nov my headaches and fatigue are back, I've had difficulty swallowing, memory issues, low blood pressure, ringing in my ears, and neck pain. I have been back to the neurologist, had an MRI and the doctors are claiming nothing has gotten worse, but my symptoms would suggest different.

I would just like to know if anyone else has had an issue post surgery, like a car accident, that has caused symptoms to either return or worsen?

Thanks Emmaline -

I've had cine MRI's that don't show a change; however my symptoms would suggest different. I did have a concussion but the headaches are what they were pre-surgery. I wish I could bypass the NL and primary provider; however, based off the way the military healthcare network works (even with my history) I don't have that option...this is the process. Thanks for reading!

It does sound as if the accident triggered things for you. I wonder if maybe some of the symptoms are perhaps a muscle issue? I've had very good results from surgery but I do find that my neck muscles are little touchy and anything that over-exerts them will temporarily bring some of my symptoms back.

I wish I had more advice to give you but this is all I can thing of. :(