Had a DOH! moment

So, we want to surprise the kids on Christmas morning with their trip to Walt Disney World in Feb. Thought I ordered the Mickey Ears...turned out I didn't, DOH! The very nice customer service rep at Disney talked me down from the ledge and even had me laughing at myself by the end of the conversation. She ordered them for me and tried to put a rush on it but alas, we will not get them in time. No fear, I'm going to get mylar balloons and attach either an invite or a "ticket" to Disney so hopefully Christmas morning when the kids open the box the balloons will come out with the item attached.

I'll just use the ears in phase 2 in January. As a reminder from their favorite Disney Character that they'll see them soon!

And I think I'm going to make their autograph books...I have been getting ideas from the local scrapbooking stores.

Just thinking out loud...