Black Friday?

Hi. .

Hope ya all had a great Thanksgiving!!!

Is anyone going shopping today???

The way I am feeling right now…they could be giving the stuff away…and i’m still not sure i could muster up the energy to drive there, fight the crowds, ect…

I guess I am a wimp…My oldest,Victoria (just turned 14) is VERY disappointed that I am not taking her. I feel like a jerk…but I just cannot do it…

I am still suffering from this stupid tooth extraction and infection…the antibiotics have not helped. the entire rt. side of my face is in pain (not UNCOMFORTABLE…PAINFUL)…even my ear…Uncomfortable seems to be the new phrase the med profession uses…'Oh, you may feel a bit uncomfortable!'

Anyway, If you guys are shopping, i hope you get some good deals.

Thanks for always being here.