Good or Bad Experience at Cincinnati Hosp and Mayfield Chiari?

First I have to say this is a great group of people providing support and information on this awful condition.

I had a CINE MRI this week and my CSF is completely blocked, and surgery is a must.

The closest chiari specialist clinic to me is Mayfield in Cincinnati. Has everyone had a good experience that has had their decompression surgery there?

Thanks so much. Iam just trying to figure out where to go to have this done and keep my ANXIETY under control!

Reading, glad you at least have some answers. Please keep in mind that many of us see several NS before settling on the right one. You need one who can positively rule out EDS and cranio cervical instability before surgery, though. Not everybody has EDS but if you do you need an NS who can recognize CCI.

Jenn :slight_smile:

I see this post is from 2014 but did you end up having the surgery at Mayfield and if you did would you recommend having it there?

I did not have the surgery at Mayfield. Mayfield was using the synthetic
dura patch and the neurosurgeon closer to my home uses your own tissue for
the patch so I went with him. I had the craniectomy, laminectomy of C1 and
C2, and the dura patch. My herniation was 18mm.

Thank you!!

Email me anytime. It’s a scary situation I know. I would be glad to help
you any way I can.

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