Frustration while doing the shopping

Hi everyone I am just wondering if anybody else has trouble with back ache, heavy legs & impatience if you have to stand in the one spot for too long ( as if if you don't keep moving or sit down you will fall down) especially whilst trying to do the shopping. At the moment it is frustrating due to the extra craziness of christmas shoppers & I have 4 children aged 8,5,2 & 1 & am trying to wean a breastfed baby. Thank you all in advance :)

Oh my! You have alot on your plate! Yes, I, too, have impatience when I have to stand too long and find myself needing to hold on to something or I will fall over. Shopping or being in crowds is very hard for me. Needless to say, I've done most of my shopping online! Do you have a supportive spouse or significant other that can help you with your children? Don't be afraid to ask for help and it's okay to admit you CANNOT do something if it is too much for you :)


I too have had this problem before and after surgery. My biggest issue with shopping (before and after surgery) is walking into the store and becoming overwhelmed and confused. Lol. Really, I have no idea where to begin even though I have a list in hand. I usually have someone with me at all times, but without help...I'd be there for hours. We joke about it, but it really isn't funny. I have lumbar disc issues so I always blamed the impatience and discomfort on that. Hmmm. Makes me wonder now.

Thank you all for your replys it is great to know I am not alone, also has anybody experienced weight loss at all?

Hi Kel,

I am like Nicolee..I had/have this problem b4 and even 3 yrs post op with shopping. Yesterday, in fact, i had so much to do...I could not get out of my own way....didn't even leave the house!! chose to ask for help!!! Hubby is off work today and he is already out and about doing things for Christmas!!

For me, anyway, it has always been hard to ask for help..but this year..I have no choice.

Like Carla said..You have a lot on your plate!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!! Kids are a blessing, we all know that..but man, at is rough being a mom!!!

Yes, I have had weight loss recently.....I have had an issue with keeping weight on...when I am in pain..emotional or physical, I cannot eat.

I saw dr. on Monday and he suggested "Boost" it's a drink with lots of protein and vitamins....I tried it long ago and YUCK! I really have to push myself these days to eat or I will end up in big trouble.

Now, you may like the BOOST late mom...Sweet Jesus, she was addicted to them!!LOL If she were here , she would tell you "GET THE STRAWBERRY!!".

Try and relax and listen to your body....let us know how you are doing, ok????

Merry Christmas,


Wow, it was nice to read this! I thought the feeling like I was going to fall over thing was just me. I dislike shopping by myself because of it and always make someone go to the store with me, unless it's somewhere I will be in and out quickly.

I have lost about 10lbs. I guess I don't know for sure if it's related to Chiari, but it has come out of no where and I lost the weight in a fairly quick amount of time (to me anyway...about a month/month and a half).