Deciding to be grateful...even though surgery didn't work. :-( What are you grateful for?

Hi there,

I'm coming up on 3 1/2 months post op and so far I have not found that the surgery has changed any of my symptoms. In fact, after surgery I ended up with costochondritis and a pinched nerve to add to my issues. Saw a nerve specialist last week and he suggested nerve surgery to fix the issue. Ummm, no thank you! Then went and checked in for a follow-up with my primary and she said, "I really wish you would have looked into the surgery further before having it.I just don't know what to do to help you anymore" and told me that perhaps trying to lose some weight would help my symptoms clear up. Wait...why suggest surgery to fix me and then when it doesn't try and suggest that I should have researched it more?? many of you, I said goodbye, went to my car, and sat and cried.

All this to say...I've decided just to be grateful. Grateful that although this strange disease is robbing me of so many things, I can still be thankful for 3 beautiful sons, an amazing and supportive husband, warm beds for my kids to sleep in as these cold winter nights set in, that we have food in the pantry and that my children are healthy. I'm thankful for the friends that haven't deserted us as the times have gotten tough, and for the friendships I used to have even if they just couldn't deal and felt that running away was easier. It really is ok, I get it! I'm thankful for another day just to wake-up!!. Even though every day brings a new set of challenges, I know I'm not the only one who has gone to bed at night and wondered if the next day was going to come. No drama, just truth.

It's the holiday season and I intend on trying to enjoy it the best I can, not just "get through it." What are you grateful for and how are you planning to enjoy the holidays???

well that just made me tear up! I am grateful for my Wife and 2 children. For the fact that when I couldn't work my wife went and took out a loan to go to cosmetology school, she finished and is now a successful woman! She always told me she would support me if ever came that day! I was a Chef working 12 hour plus days, in pain struggling to get through the day, now "I" stay home with my kids. I get to help my son with his homework, play make believe games with my daughter and cook for our home! I am grateful for my church who when they found out about our situation gave our family $1,000 to pay some bills. (I have since become a lector to show my appreciation, very fulfilling!) I am grateful for a wonderful mother-in-law who has always been on our side. For this website I am grateful and I could go on and on if you really sit back and think about it! Thanks for this post...hope many more join in on this one here! DC from Chicago