Happy New Year All! Need some advice on families. My family is very healthy overall. My entire life I have fought to get them to pay attention to me and believe what I'm saying. I just can't seem to explain this to them and make them understand it. When my only symptom was headaches my mother was constantly giving me information on how to eat to cure headaches and blaming it on different things I was doing. Now when I try to tell them how I'm feeling they try to blame my blood sugar or my back being out. My sister and I are both nurses so she tries to "fix" me. When I am feeling fatigued and shaky they want to know if I have eaten and if my blood sugar is low. I have told them repeatedly I know what it feels like to have low blood sugar this is different. My husband thinks I just need to go got my back and neck adjusted by the chiropractor. I can't get him to understand how dangerous that could be. It's gotten to the point I've stopped telling anyone when I'm having rough day (which is almost daily anymore) because I don't want to feel like I have to defend myself to them or prove myself. I already have to do that with Drs. Just frustrated and tired if feeling like I'm alone!

I think a lot of people have trouble understanding the difference between ranting and asking for advice. I get lots of "helpful" ideas from people who just don't understand. I'm not sure how to make them understand because it seems like people seem to give advice based upon their own realm of experience. For instance if they suffer food allergies or in tolerances they will tell you to stop eating this or that. If they are familiar with diabetes they'll suggest blood sugar. If a chiropractor helps their aches they assume it will help yours. They mean well.

Feel free to vent about bad days here. We all know what you mean and where you are coming from!

All of us here know exactly what you mean. Most People without chiari don’t understand our pain ( even doctors) when I tell someone my head is killing me, someone will say yeah I have a headache too. That’s very frustrating. I just think to myself yeah but my never goes away. You know what helps you and what don’t. So try not to let them get to you. But also have them look up what chiari is. There’s a video on YouTube about chiari I had my mom watch that helps explain what we go through. And you are not alone here!

You are not alone...this is the best place to vent and talk with others that truly understand your frustration. I stopped trying to help others understand- it only increases my anxiety. I focus on keeping myself healthy. Good luck to you!

Thank you all for responding, it is a very frustrating thing when the people you love don't understand what you're going through but how can they when even the doctors don't. only another Chiarian can understand . Thank you for the support and letting me vent.