Freezer and crock pot meal recipes for post op and bad pain days

Please post your favorite recipes here we can all share and I’m trying to stock up!!! Put as many as you can on here and if you have any that I can make freeze then put in the crock pot all the better!!! Thanks y’all!!!

If you have Pinterest they have tons of boards on freezer meals!

Basically what I did leading up to surgery was make double batches of easily freezable stuff. Beef stew, chili, baked ziti, etc. We would eat half for dinner and then freeze the other half.

I know they aren't the healthiest but I also bought a few of those microwave pot roasts and served them with the steam in bag frozen veggies and the microwaveable rice. I got my husband a bunch of those Easy Mac cups so he would have a quick meal or snack. I got myself some Amy's frozen meals for lunches and some protein bars for easy breakfasts. We ate a lot of soup and sandwich dinners since that takes very little prep.

I bought paper plates, bowls, cups, and plastic utensils because my husband is terrible about dishes.

I like the idea of ones that are put in the bag raw and then cooked. I'm not as crazy about reheated. Anyway here are some links that I have found this week.

I really like this one

I Love to cook & am a great cook, but don't use recipes.

This is my Favorite Go To Recipe website:

I would also recommend you have a lot of easy healthy snacks available. Yogurt, String Cheese, Granola, Nuts, Protein, Fruit, Apple Sauce, Protein Bars and Beverages.

Protein helps you heal. You also have to stay hydrated. Your mouth may get dry so keep hard candy or mints.

Beeba okay I’m in small town Texas I’ve never had groceries delivered to my house no food deliveries as aster of fact thirty acres but close to town my hospital is about 45 minutes away in San Antonio :slight_smile: I just thought y’all all might have a favorite recipe :slight_smile:

Honestly, I had so many friends and family drop off meals that I ended up being able to freeze some. Also, my mother in-law came to watch my son and she cooked a lot of stuff for us too. I also wasn't too hungry after surgery - I survived on protein shakes, vanilla milkshakes, and turkey sandwiches. I just wanted comfort food.

Im more worried about my hungry teenagers. And I’m also just planning for when things from other people run out. When I feel bad cooking is the first thing to go. This way we will have healthy stuff around the house without resorting to fast food if I feel bad longer.

Me too Donna I have three teens and a husband that works fourteen hours a day I may just have someone come in and clean and cook dinner :slight_smile: that’s all I think I can do

I have 2 teens at home and my husband works long hours too. I also have 2 married daughters that will help too, thank goodness. One of my teens already does his own laundry.