For anyone who likes to craft or make stuff, you ought to check out Craftsy

Craftsy has online classes in different things. I signed up for some classes in how to make some crochet things( the little cute monster dolls) when I get the chance to sit down and crochet. Also, if you want to take a class and it is about $50.00 then you might want to wait a few weeks before signing up because they put the classes on sale all the time. Have fun P.S. If you don't want to go the Craftsy route, you can learn how to make just about anything on Youtube.

I have become adicted to! They have a lot of craft ideas and they are free. It is a main page that you can click on the craft etc and it will take you directly to that blog or website. I was thrilled to find pinterest, but find it hard to actually find directions for the things that I like from that website. Have fun and thanks for sharing!

I'm the same way. I don't know what I'm doing on there. It's so confusing. I pinned like 2 things that I liked that someone else had pinned but I can't figure out how to find stuff that I like and pin it myself. Pinterest is way to confusing for people with CM!!!

Poptart said:

I'm going to check this out because free is awesome. I joined Pinterest too and I have folks following while I am doing absolutely nothing there. I haven't figured out Pinterest at all. I feel kinda stupid because my Pinterest account is actually empty. Thanks so much for this website. I'm going to try to knock out a lot of my craft stuff this year. I have a ton of polymer clay that I let get old. Thanks again.

I am sooo glad you ladies like it!!! I was so excited to find it. Pinterest is a great look at. Lol. Cause that's about all I do on that page. I have given up on trying to figure it out. It was more aggrevating than anything. Craftgawker has a lot of super kid friendly things. My 10 yo son (who is very creative and artist) loves it! We just finished a project...A fairy garden house. We used only materials that we found in the woods, except for the 3 dollar bird house that we got at wal mart. It turned out really cute!