Instructions for a Rice Bag!

My daughter came up with these for her projects to sell in her classroom.

You will need,

cloth, soft, like flannel, cut 5" wide by 12" long

1 Large bag of rice (buy from the dollar store) its cheeper

thread to match material

Sew 1st long side then the other, then the bottom end, turn the bag inside out, then fill with rice, but leave about some room to sew the top by your sewing machine, then turn the edges inside the bag for a nice hem, sew together, and that is how you make it. It freezes as well as put into the microwave for heat.

Great little project.

Thank you!! I have been meaning to make one of these. I have an ice pack but sometimes I need more than one!!



haha yep I could use one for my neck and head at the same time usually!

I posted this on my blog :)

I belive it. I should make a body sized it would probably be relaxing to lay on. Though thats a lot of rice and would probably be heavy haha



Now all Abby needs to do is figure out how to make a padded helmet/body armor for chiarians. lol

We could always just lay the body rice bag would be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Though it wouldn't help when we need opposite temperatures during those times. We'll have to think on




I'm creative...I'll come up with an interesting way to have a body rice bag...maybe it could go on wheels...that way if we're alone...we can roll it..? lol

Haha plus riding the rice bag would get us all dizzy! Lets scratch that idea...hmmm

We could have rice bag races! That would be a sight...chiarian racing down the block on rice bags...I think we'd all be in the ER what am I thinking!? lol

Maybe we could just build it in the spot we want it...and keep it there? lol Though thats a boring idea compared to my previous idea.



Has anyone seen the commercials for this?
Looks like it might be good for us