First day waking up in my own bed again

So… I did it! I got the surgery! It was done on January 10 at 730am. Yesterday I was discharged and I’ve been settling back in at home today. My surgery was actually much more extensive than originally expected. I got a suboccipital craniotomy with full laminectomy of c1 and partial of c2 with duraplasty. That was all originally in the plan. However! My left tonsil was bruised and too damaged so they cut it out(yes. they can do that). They used heat to shrink the right tonsil. The dura actually works like a shrink wrap when heat is applied. I was in hospital since Thursday the 10th until yesterday evening, the 15th. The days went very slowly, I’ll admit. I’m making strides in my recovery, though! I was given a cane that I barely need but I use it anyway because I do have moments when I lose my balance(probably should have had one prior honestly). I think my adversity with health insurance was a bit of blessing in disguise. The doctor I saw before aging out of my mother’s insurance said he would only do the craniotomy and laminectomy. He wasn’t going to open the dura and said if necessary we would go back in later and then do duraplasty. I didn’t think that made sense but he seemed like he knew what he was talking about so I just excepted it. It’s clear now with the surgeon I have through Medicaid that this surgery needed to be much more extensive than the other surgeon thought. He did an amazing job, too. I’ve bounced back pretty quickly. Of course I’m still recovering but I have no regrets! I just want to say, if you’re on the fence about this surgery, do it! Find a knowledgeable surgeon, do what you can to afford it and get it over with. If you need to start a fundraiser, no shame. Do it. I was very lucky with Medicaid paying the whole thing and having a surgeon in my state who could do this for me. Please, please do what you can. This surgery is very important and if I hadn’t gotten it, it’s clear just how bad things could get. I already have my eyes set on the future. If you’re ashamed of asking for help, don’t be. If you can’t get insurance to pay what you need, start a fundraiser. Is there no doctor near you? Set the goal higher. If you need help ask for it. You’re worth it. You don’t have to be alone. You are not alone. Hold on to hope.


So glad you were able to get help and that they recognized the things they needed to do for you to give you the best outcome. Keep in mind it will take time, don’t rush your recovery: physically and emotionally. It I hope it goes smoothly!

Great to here that your recovery is going well. Be patient! Hoping that everything continues smoothly.

Glad to hear you’re doing well, Geo! Sometimes those insurance roadblocks can be a blessing in disguise! :slight_smile:

I have surgery Thursday and my surgeon plans to remove both tonsils. He advised me they are vestigial, however I can’t find any literature to back that up. Granted, I’m no neurosurgeon and he’s probably got access to all kinds of studies I don’t.

I’m glad your surgery went well. It can be challenging. I had to repeat the surgery 4 yrs later. Going quite well. Balance goes off once in a while but I can live with that.

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Glad your surgery went well Georgia!!
How are you recovering? Please update us.

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Well, quite a few symptoms have come back. I expected this though as I’m still adjusting. It’s only been about two months. I expect them to come and go. The one symptom that hasn’t returned is my headaches which I’m grateful for. A couple weeks after surgery I had the worst headaches of my life. They lasted a week but I haven’t had any since. I’m trying to take it easy. I still need to schedule physical therapy and I’m hoping the exercise will help alleviate some of my dysautonomia symptoms. I’ll keep you all posted!

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