10 days post-op

I made it back to tell the tell. I used to think God hated me. I couldnt possibly think of what a 12 year old could possibly do to deserve a life of nothing but tourment and pain. Oh yea including child hood abuse and abandonment issues. During this surgurey my daughter abandon me. two weeks befor she decided to put butt shots of her self on facebook. Her son has Autisum severely. The thought of me being happy was more than she could bear. I had friends alot of friends but not one famlie member. I survived that. I thought I would die of the befor I died of the operation. I have a hand full of peolpe my husband two canines two felines and a carree as a artist ahead of me I am looking at a 80 % success rate here yes in another day or two Ill be running. I went from Im sorry I cant help you to running. I am pain free with vpills now. I still feel the surgeryied area but its healing it differant. She didnt touch my huriation though is that why I still have the voice changes.She didnt sew a sac. She did a Suboccipital Crainiectomy w/C-1 Laminectomy for a Chiari decompression Removal of lumbar shunt wicth included another Laminectomy. I feel better getting ready to drive myself to the store yes I never was able to tolerate the pills I was sent home with. I used my altrm instead I can only take five Altrum or Ill Get sick from my Adhisive Arachnoiditis. Today I have alife I can live now. Do it!!! Just do it!!!! It hurts the first 3 days really bad but they will keep you meded. I got to hold a pump and push every 10 min. It was nice . I didnt get much sleep with this metod.But was able to keep it under controll.Thanks every one for your stories it helped prepare for this amazing operation I just had.

I’m glad that you’re doing so well already:) That’s awesome! Please take it easy and let yourself heal…You have permission to tell me the same thing after my surgery;) I hope your recovery continues to go so well! You are in my thoughts and prayers:) Please keep us posted.

Im glad you posted an update, it's so nice to follow people before and after surgery and get a little glimpse of what it may be like for ourselves. But, I am more glad that you are feeling so good! Hope the feeling continues!

Abby that was beautiful and Twana much health and happiness to you!



Abby said:

My dear Sweet Friend,

I am so glad it is over for you. Bless you you are the best Mom, and sometimes, our children can do the dumbest stuff that just rip out our hearts. The surgery you had was a major surgery. You need to rest and not be lifting a lot. Going to the store and lifting groceries is not advisable. You do not want to undo what your doctor did.

You do not have to relive your past, you have a wonderful marriage to a wonderful husband and a great career. You can move past this and heal and recover for your self. I know that is easier said than done, but we (your friends here) think your pretty special and we all love you. All the past has developed a wonderful caring person that we all see and we think your a winner.

So glad your home and recovering, but please, take it easy. The surgery was major. You do not want a bunch of scar tissue develop and have to go through that again.

My prayers are that you move past the hurt and know that your a great person, you heal and have a success story to share with us all. Now, get in that bed and rest!

sending you many hugs,



I hope you continue healing. Don't overdo things. I did and am paying the price of increased pain and more time off of work. Take it slow. Walk, don't run, you have the rest of your life for that. I hope everyday will bring you greater joy and peace. Keep us updated. Its nice to hear the good experiences, keeps us all sane. Take Care! Mary S


welcome back\happy you are feeling good all things considered

listen to your body and do not do too much

thanks for letting us know how you are