Finding an experienced NS in my area

I live near Myrtle Beach SC & am going to be in search of a Neurosurgeon that has success with Chiari. Does anyone know how I can research this information?


Sorry, I do not know anyone in SC.

Have you checked ?? There may be a state to state list of NS's there.

How are ya feeling???



Thank you, Lori. No, I haven't checked there, yet, but I will. Not doing so well. My pain seems to be increasing these days & I traveled this w/e. That always makes it worse. I'm going to pick up a disc of my first MRI later today to take my my NS, so I'm a little anxious to see that. I've not seen anything, yet. Really not had much communication with my previous doctors. (I'm learning) After they see they brain MRI from 14 months ago, they will schedule another one. (2 weeks ago, they MRIed my neck.)

My meds don't seem to be working at all. I'm not sure about any of you. Maybe I've just never gotten on the right dose, maybe it's not the right medicine, but are any of you EVER without pain? Maybe it's less because I'm on the meds, but I'd just love to have a day of no pain or vertigo.

This is really beginning to get to me in a bad way. Some days I feel like I'm fighting off depression, even. Right now I know I have to stay above it, but I know it can pull be down, if I let it & it scares me! I could use some extra prayers right now. =]

Take care,


Hey Melissa. My name is Pam and I too am looking for a neurosurgeon in SC but am having a hard time finding one. Who is your neurologist? Have you located a specialist in or around SC yet? I am seeing a neurologist in Columbia who is a part of the USC group but am not sure if their neurosurgical group is familiar with this, I am planning to call and check with them. I will let you know what I find out. Hope you have been able to get some relief from your pain!


I received a call earlier in the week. I have an appointment set up for December 20, 2011. I will be talking to a NS at MUSC. Dr. Patel. I'm about to see what I can find on him, but was told his specialty is the neck & back of the brain. This being said, I'm hoping he has experience in Chiari, or I feel this will be a waste of my time & his. I do not want to talk to a NS who does not already have experience with Chiari. I know they have to start somewhere, & won't mind if he brings someone else in, but would not consider going further unless I knew he's already had success in that area. (Is that wrong?) Pam, My NS is Dr. Barbara Sarb. She is located in Myrtle Beach, next to Strand Regional Hospital. I like her, but she's very new. (One of the reasons I like her.) She doesn't have preconceived ideas. She listens, probably has mentors & so far seems to be willing to be looking for solutions. Trouble is, their office is VERY busy.

Razzle51, thank you, if this doesn't work out w/ Dr Patel, I'll look into Dr. Rosner. Not sure if my insurance will allow me to cross state lines. I'll have to look into that. Is He/She at Duke or maybe UNC?

Thank you, Abby. =] She referred me to Dr. Patel, with whom I have the appt on 12/20 at MUSC. I'll look into these others if he doesn't work out.

Will do. Thank you Abby. Prayers needed & appreciated! Thanks for all you do. Your help & encouragement means SO much! Hugs!!