Feeling faint

Hi im 6months post op and im experiencing this overwhelming feeling like going to faint.I suspected it may be low blood sugar at first but it happened again today and It cant be low blood sugar because I have had a coffee to glasses of water and a full cooked breakfast im so frustrated with this cause it hurts and makes me feel very weak like im gonna fall over.And dizzy.If anyone is experiencing any thing like this HELP! please im so over feeling like this.

I was told post-surgery, that the operation - given the local- can affect blood pressure control. Being under the automatic sympathetic control and how the brain stem assists in regulation can explain that. Discussing any other medical options that can be affecting you is important and evaluating any medications that could be involved can help.

I found that understanding that autonomic nervous system involvement helped my concerns greatly. Time was an improver and , as I got more active and challenged my blood pressure regulatory system things got much better. I found that if I was aware of the possibility of becoming light-headed I watched my movements and stayed safe. But, I tried not to restrict activities because of it - if that makes sense.

Very helpful dizziness exercises remain on this site if that is what ails you and you are interested in resolving the dizziness.

Patience in your recovery

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I would! Love to learn and try the exercise regiem can you guide me through how to find ot on this site.If it can be managed through exercise that would be awesome!.I had very low blood pressure whilst I was in hospital 7 weeks after my op even 6 months doen that track its gotton worse though.The day before it happened I did a coast to coast beach walk from 7:30am till 4:30pm and the next day I felt that same faint type feeling.It makes me froghtened to push myself even though I know I should.Im sooooo not a patient person.

Dizzy Information Location

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Left hand of screen scroll down to "Newbies Guide to Chiari"
Scroll down to “Dizziness and Chiari”

It is a nice big read with lots to try. Good luck. Ask if any questions

If you are continuing to have issues, you may want to have a Tilt Table Test. This will tell you if you have a type of dysautonomia that is causing your symptoms of feeling faint and dizziness. If that is the case, it will help with knowing how to proceed.